Food Photography at Granite Belt Brewery & Retreat
Living in the Granite Belt, I'm surrounded by stunning landscapes, a variety of wildlife, and tourist attractions galore...but do you know I've never been on a wine tour? So often I tell myself that I need to do one, or I should plan a trip to the cheese factory. But, like most locals in a tourism area, we're too busy going to work and getting things done to do all the fun stuff. So, I was more than happy to be asked by my friends at Granite Belt Brewery to photograph the opening night for their new Gin & Cocktail Bar. Not quite a wine tour, but surely a Brewery with a Gin bar counts for something!

Live music, delicious local gins, what could go wrong? Very little it turns out! I had a magical night listening to live music, photographing some of the dishes on their new menu, the cocktails and some of their glamorous guests. It was a bit challenging, as I had about 30 seconds to photograph the food in evening light, just before it was whisked away to the waiting diners. But...that's why I love commercial photography in the countryside! It's exciting, creatively challenging, and I get such a variety of jobs that I'm never bored. 

After guessed it, I dropped my gear home and came back up the hill to enjoy some of their delicious cocktails and snacks. It really was the perfect end to the week. 

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